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Zune accessories gone wild

Associate Editor Jasmine France hits the floor at CES 2007 to hunt out the hottest new MP3 gadgets. On deck: Zune accessory packs.

Would you believe that the Girls Gone Wild trailer is a mere 25 yards from CNET's CES 2007 edit trailer?

Zune Car Pack

I'd include some pictures to prove it, but then we might start confusing this trade show with the Adult Entertainment Expo (warning: link leads to adult content). No, instead I have for you several Microsoft Zune Accessory Packs, handy multidevice packages meant to help you make the most out of your Zune in various environments. First, there's the Car Pack, a $79.99 kit that includes an FM Transmitter with AutoSeek and a car charger.

Zune Travel Pack

Next, we have the Zune Travel Pack, which costs $99.99 and comes with five accessories: a gear bag, a pair of premium earbuds, a sync cable, an AC adapter, and a Dual Connect remote. The latter has two built-in headphone jacks with independent volume controls.

Zune Home A/V Pack

Finally, there's the $99.99 Home A/V pack, which comes with a dock (with pass-through syncing), a 1/8-inch-to-RCA A/V cable, a power adapter, a sync cable, and a wireless remote.