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Zuckerberg says he wants to talk with Google

Facebook founder says the two companies need to resolve the dispute over Google's new Friend Connect service.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to sit down with Google to resolve issues surrounding the search engine's use of Facebook data, according to news reports.

"We want to talk to Google about this and see if there's a way we can make it work," InfoWorld quoted him saying Monday at a press conference in Tokyo.

Facebook and Google have been squabbling over Google's Friend Connect service, which allows Web sites to add social-networking features. Facebook said the Google application violated its terms of service. Google denied the claims, and even took the step of putting up a primer on how its service works.

The issue with Google is that the search engine launched the service without talking to Facebook and "we had no choice but to follow the rules that we had set forth for any developer on top of our platform and we followed them," InfoWorld quoted Zuckerberg saying.

At the press conference, which took place for Facebook's launch of a Japanese language version, Zuckerberg also dismissed rumors that Microsoft might be interested in buying the company.

"You can tell, from our history and what we've done, that we really wanted to keep the company independent, by focusing on building and focusing on the long term," Zuckerberg told Reuters.