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Zuckerberg performs on 'The Simpsons'--a review

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg appears on the Simpsons, and delivers a fine homily about the advantages of dropping out of school.

They say Mark Zuckerberg is a poor public performer. Even actors who play him show him to be somewhat awkward in public situations.

Perhaps, though, like so many who are seen on screen, he just needs the right director and the right script.

Please, then, imagine, that you, too, can do anything in life, as you watch this clip of "The Simpsons," which aired Sunday. For it happens to feature the cartoon version of Mark Zuckerberg, voiced by the real Mark Zuckerberg.

He is not given an easy role. He is at an entrepreneurial expo, where Lisa hopes he will explain to Nelson the value of a good education.

"Well, the truth is, I dropped out of Harvard," says Zuckerberg. This line is delivered with wry humor and not a trace of the condescension offered by Jesse Eisenberg in "The Social Network."

And when he delivers the line: "I'll get the best kind of degree. Honorary, baby!!" he offers an openness to share that will have warmed the hearts of all the perhaps 7 million people, many of them responsible for children and their welfare, who were watching.

While you enjoy the sight of Zuckerberg sitting on Richard Branson's shoulders larking around with Nelson atop Bill Gates, and raise your two thumbs up, may I leave you with one thought?

It is a pity that Facebook's CEO didn't deliver a slightly more convincing performance on that privacy thing. Surely the writers were at fault.