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Zuckerberg: Google building its 'little version of Facebook'

In a preview to tonight's interview with Charlie Rose, Mark Zuckerberg can't help but offer that Google is a sweet little ingenue when it comes to social.

Everyone loves everyone else in Silicon Valley.

Well, except Apple and Google. And then there's Facebook and Google.

In a preview to tonight's PBS interview in which Charlie Rose looks ruggedly dapper and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg look eager to please, Zuckerberg can't help but show a slightly venomous hem when it comes to the searchers turned socializers.

He says that, while he eschews the idea of war in the Valley, Google is "trying to build its own little Facebook."

Many will be amused at the poignant truth that Google has, just slightly late, woken up to the perilous and invasive concept that is social networking.

There is, though, just something so very sweetly condescending and bileful about the word "little."

Google doesn't get called "little" very often. Google likes to think of itself as very, very big. Unless the Senate asks and then it decides it's not really all that big, especially as delicate little Siri is apparently about to smooth her way into Google's search business.

The show, which airs at 11 p.m. or even midnight in some unfortunate areas (San Francisco, for example), shows just how much Facebook is keen to "have a share" in everything that happens in the world.

Sharing. It used to be something you offered to do, rather than something you'd insisted on having.