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ZTE will step into the VR game with its own virtual reality headset

ZTE will bring the VR battle to Samsung and Google with its own headset.

ZTE throws its hat into the VR ring with a new headset.


Not happy leaving VR to Samsung and Google, Chinese phone maker ZTE is getting into the game with its own VR headset.

Little is known about the headset at the time of writing, but we do know that more information is due to be announced later today. The headset is being launched alongside the company's new Axon 7 smartphone, which you can read all about in our first look.

ZTE's headset will join the ranks of Samsung's own Gear VR, Google's Cardboard and upcoming Daydream VR system. It's likely that the headset will use one of ZTE's phones as the "brain", much in the same way the Galaxy S7 acts as the brain for the Gear VR.

This article also appears in Spanish. Read: ZTE entra al ruedo de la realidad virtual con su propio equipo