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ZTE to unveil smartphone lineup at GSMA 2009

ZTE announces that it will unveil 10 new smartphones at GSMA Mobile World Congress for the China Mobile and Vodafone.


The wonderful and torturous thing about GSMA Mobile World Congress is that you get to see handsets from a number of international manufacturers that are beyond imagination but will most likely never make it Stateside.

Take ZTE for example. It may not be a recognized cell phone brand in the United States, although the company does offer a couple of its handsets through MetroPCS, including the ZTE C79 and the ZTE C88, but it happens to be one of China's largest handset manufacturers.

ZTE will, once again, make the voyage to Barcelona this year and revealed on Tuesday that it will unveil a full portfolio of smartphones at Mobile World Congress. The company said it will display 10 different designs, ranging from low end to high end, and the highlight of the show will be the VF 1231 Windows Mobile smartphone, which was developed specifically for Vodafone.

We'll be sure to stop by ZTE's booth at GSMA to get more information about the smartphones and snap some photos, so be sure to check out our full coverage when the show starts on February 16.