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ZTE Mimosa X coming with Ice Cream Sandwich

The Mimosa X is another ZTE handset to be announced running Ice Cream Sandwich. Should the big boys be scared?

More Mobile World Congress pre-announcements ahoy! Fresh after unveiling two handsets yesterday, ZTE has offered up the Mimosa X. And like yesterday's mobiles, it'll come running Ice Cream Sandwich.

It looks like ZTE is serious about shaking off its reputation for low-end budget mobiles.

ZTE has added its own user interface over the top of the Ice Cream Sandwich build of Android (much like HTC does with its Sense UI), as you can see from this picture. Strangely, the Mimosa X features the four capacitive buttons along the bottom like on older Android phones, even though Ice Cream Sandwich doesn't require them. Curious.

That's a 4.3-inch screen, with a 960x540-pixel resolution. On the back is a 5-megapixel camera, and inside is 4GB of storage, expandable to 32GB. A gyroscope is built in too.

The phone is a landmark for Nvidia as well, as the Mimosa X is the first handset to be powered entirely by Nvidia chips. It has the dual-core Tegra 2 processor, as well as an Icera HSPA+ modem. So Nvidia doesn't need to rely on companies like Qualcomm to help out with the connectivity side of things.

This should mean the handset costs less to produce, and I hope the savings will be passed on to us. Nvidia has described the Mimosa X as the "first mainstream Tegra Zone phone", which hints that it shouldn't be too pricey when it launches around April time.

ZTE is sitting on the rest of the specs, so it just looks like we'll have to wait for Mobile World Congress for more info and a hands-on. But along with the PF200 and N910 announced yesterday, it seems ZTE could well be a household name before the year is over.

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