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ZTE Light 2 is a 7-inch Android tablet, heading to the UK

ZTE's stepping up in the world, bringing its own-branded Light 2 tablet to the UK. Read on for all the specs.

ZTE's pouring itself a cup of ambition, with the company that once made mobile phones for network operators now ready to bring its first own-branded tablet to the UK.

Dubbed the ZTE Light 2, this 7-inch slate will hit UK shops 'soon', but it's only packing Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a 3-megapixel camera on the rear.

There's not a great deal of internal storage either -- just 4GB in fact. If that's not enough breathing room for all your music, movies and such, you can make the Light 2 a little more capacious using a microSD card.

The Light 2 will weigh 402g. That's more than the original 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab (380g), but it's still not too heavy, so you likely won't find it uncomfortably bulky to lug around.

You may have sussed that the specs on show here aren't too flashy, but the flipside is that this tiny tablet should turn out to be pretty cheap. Tech retailer Clove has it listed at £235 with a late February to early March release date. By comparison, the cheapest iPad 2 costs a quid less than £400, although the BlackBerry PlayBook will set you back only £169.

Having an old version of Android on board won't win this tablet any friends though -- we'd have expected at least Android Honeycomb, which is the tablet-specific version of Google's mobile OS. C'mon folks, it's 2012! Let's think futuristic.

A decidedly old-school version of Android aside, I'm keen to get my mitts on the Light 2, because ZTE has produced some stonking budget smart phones recently. The ZTE Skate offered big-screen Android jollies at a low price, while the ZTE Tania Windows Phone is shaping up nicely. ZTE also built the ace Orange San Francisco 2.

This will be the first ZTE tablet bearing the company logo to hit the UK, so I'll be watching the Light 2's progress like a caffeinated hawk.

Would you ever splash out on a cheap tablet? Does the Light 2 appeal to you, or does the old version of Android put you off? Fire some words my way via the comments or our Facebook wall.

Image credit: Engadget