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ZTE C78 now on MetroPCS

The ZTE C78 is a basic phone with a purple candy-bar design.

The C78 is purple. MetroPCS

MetroPCS added the previously announced ZTE C78 phone to its lineup this week. This marks the third ZTE phone to hit MetroPCS this year; the no-contract, regional carrier continues to be the main place for ZTE fans in the United States to get their fix.

The C78 offers a candy-bar design in an eye-catching purple hue (didn't we tell you that purple is the new red?). That's a change from MetroPCS's previous ZTE phones, as both the C79 and C88 are flip phones. Features are slim, but functional. You'll find Bluetooth, a VGA camera, personal organizer options, and a speakerphone. You can get it for $129.