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Zooomr reschedules overhaul, looks for funds

Zooomr photo-sharing site plans to launch its redesign in May, but it's looking for new funds after its initial investor pulled its money out.

Zooomr Mark III Take 2 will arrive in three weeks, but at the same time, the photo-sharing site may enter a "hiatus."

A screenshot of Zooomr's redesigned site
A screenshot of Zooomr's redesigned site Zooomr

In March, that would and would lift storage limits, among other changes. The new version now is scheduled to arrive in three weeks--May 21--said lead programmer Kristopher Tate on his blog Monday.

Tate also said the company is looking for new investors.

"I have some breaking news to share that may create a period of hiatus for Zooomr: Our initial investor heard we were cash-positive and has decided to pull their money out of our accounts," Tate said.

The lack of funds will "hinder" the purchase of storage systems, he said, but Mark III will be launched nonetheless.

"In the above interests, we've started to look for fresh investment," Tate said. "We know there are angels, VCs and other investors reading our blog--so if you think you can help, please let us know!"

Tate also posted a screenshot of the redesigned Zooomr.