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Zoom's Q3HD combines HD video with its audio abilities

Following up on the Q3 Handy Video Recorder, today Zoom announced the Q3HD Handy Video Recorder.

Zoom Q3HD Zoom

Today Zoom announced the Q3HD Handy Video Recorder, a 1080p HD, stereo microphone, audio-centric pocket camcorder. Following up on the Q3 Handy Video Recorder, the new Q3HD combines HD video with Zoom's professional audio recorder technology. This is ideal for live performances among other subjects.

The Zoom Q3HD's video capabilities feature a new lens and imaging sensor that captures at either 1080p at 30 frames per second, or 720p video at 60 or 30 frames per second, in MPEG-4 H.264 (MOV) video format. There are three lighting settings: Auto, Concert, and Night. For playback you turn the camcorder on its side to watch in 16x9 format on its 2.4 inch LCD. There is a Left/Right audio meter display for monitoring audio recording levels while recording.

There are two on-board, studio quality, condenser microphones mounted on top in a 120 degree X/Y pattern for stereo depth. The Q3HD uses the same microphone capsules as Zoom's popular H4n Handy Recorder. The X/Y microphones are directional, so they can be focused on the sound source. There are three audio level recording settings--Auto, High gain, and Low gain--for very loud or very soft environments. Audio recording settings range from 44.1kHz, 48kHz or 96kHz at either 16 or 24bit in either WAV or AAC.

The Q3HD accepts up to a 32GB SDHC memory card. There is an HDMI video output, as well as a built-in USB 2.0 pigtail cable. It takes two AA batteries, has a built-in speaker and a tripod socket. Mac OS and Windows compatible with embedded HandyShare editing software and a YouTube uploader. A 2GB SD card and two AA batteries are included, so you can start right out of the box. An optional accessory kit offers a soft shell case, mic windscreen, AC adapter, HDMI cable, AC cable and a table-top tripod.

The Zoom Q3HD will be available for $299 by the end of the year.