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Zoom is bringing automatic closed captions to all free accounts

The feature will launch this fall, but may be available earlier upon request.

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Zoom is bringing automatic closed captioning to all free accounts starting this fall. In a blog post, the video conferencing company described the rollout as part of a larger push for accessibility on the platform.

In addition to the broader release of the feature, Zoom says it will provide closed captioning to users who manually request it earlier, using a Google form provided on the website.

Closed captions are not a new feature on Zoom, but they've been available only for paid accounts in the past. Free account users can provide manual transcription, or can use other software to transcribe their meetings.

Zoom's usage has exploded over the past year, due in part to the pandemic. Accessibility features like live transcription, along with already in-place keyboard accessibility, pinning and spotlighting interpreter video and screen reader support, will likely serve to broaden Zoom's reach.

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