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Zoom cat filter lawyer passes torch to upside-down congressman

Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota appeared as an upside-down floating head in a committee meeting.

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Technology for virtual meetings is having its revenge on humans. A day after attorney Rod Ponton went viral for getting stuck with a kitten filter on during a Zoom hearing, we got a new tech fumble. In a meeting of the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday, Minnesota Republican Rep. Tom Emmer, showed up as an upside-down floating head.

Chairwoman Maxine Waters stopped Emmer, and just like with the kitten attorney, the congressman pleaded tech ignorance and said he didn't know how to fix his image.

"I don't know what happened," Emmer said when Waters asked if he was OK. "It just came out this way. I turned it off and turned it back on and I'm still..."

The kitten incident was obviously still fresh in viewers minds, as numerous lawmakers shouted variations on "at least he's not a cat." Said one, "You're going viral, Tom."

Emmer was able to fix his flipped image and continue speaking. He later tweeted a photo of his upside-down face with the knowing caption "I am not a cat."

One Twitter user responded, "Sounds exactly like what a cat would say."