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Zombies, Run The Board Game is on Kickstarter

Running is great, but you can't be doing it all the time. Some of us can't be doing it any of the time. Here's another way to get the popular Zombies, Run experience -- sitting down as nature intended.

Why would you want a board game inspired by a fitness app? There are some advantages to pretend-running: You can play in a group, you're not dependent on weather or time of day, and you can still feel like you're preserving human civilization against zombies even after you blow out your knee and can't run for six months. [cries]

The popular Zombies, Run exercise app by developer Six to Start started on Kickstarter in 2011 and went on to become "the world's most popular smartphone fitness game." Its voice-acted story is really compelling -- your amateur jogs become vital supply runs for a British township, with bonus conspiracy plot and the hope of reclaiming the world. I'm a big fan. (The companion app, Zombies, Run 5k Training, is just as motivating and even cuter.)

Six to Start

The board game version just started its run on Kickstarter today, September 20, and seems to be getting pledges at a decent rate. The game is card-based with "real-time" decision making thanks to an app that provides something like the Zombies, Run audio experience, complete with tetchy leaders, panicked survivors and zombie growls.

It's for two to four players and can last from 30 minutes to more than a day, though presumably you have some control over that or it could get awkward at parties. ("YOU'VE EATEN ALL OUR CURLY WURLYS. GO HOME.")

Replayability is supposed to come from branching story lines and updates via the app -- writer Naomi Alderman promises "hundreds of pages of scripts" in the Kickstarter comments. Expansion packs turn it into a competitive team thing or even a drinking game.

The basic pledge of £26 plus shipping (internationally available, so a total of £33, $42 or AU$59) gets you a copy of the game with a laminated dry-erase map that "you can write on, like in cop shows!" The pledges and prizes top out at £800 and a portrait of yourself as a zombie. Hey, whatever motivates you.

Zombie fans, board game players and benched runners should all check out the Kickstarter, and I hope you'll consider pledging, because I want this game to get made and the suspense is bad for my knee.

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