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Cops pull over blood-spattered 'zombies' on the highway

Concerned cops end up having a good laugh over a traffic stop after responding to a call about a potential assault happening inside a moving car.

We might need to rename "The Walking Dead" "The Driving Dead" after a strange incident involving zombies near Manchester in the UK on Sunday. A worried motorist called the cops to report a man biting a woman inside a car on the M62 motorway. The North West Motorway police responded, located the car, pulled it over and discovered what looked like two zombies inside.

Despite appearances, the zombies weren't real examples of the living dead. According to the Manchester Evening News, there was no actual biting involved. The two occupants, a man and a woman, were driving in full-on gory makeup after performing in a film shoot for zombie web series "Dead Town."

It's possible to see how someone might mistake the bloodied, freaky-contacts-wearing pair for the aftermath of a horrifying assault. There's fake blood everywhere and their eyes have disturbing white irises.

The police found the humor in the situation and posted a photo on Twitter of the zombified friends smiling for the camera.