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Zombie versus drone: There can be only one

What happens when a drone is pressed into service to battle an attacking zombie? A short video answers that compelling question.

Zombie-fighting drone
This drone stars in its own zombie movie. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Certain fears are products of our modern society. Both zombies and drones could fall into this category. If you were to fall asleep after watching "The Walking Dead" following a long day of playing with a quadcopter, you might have a dream that looks a lot like the short film "Zombie vs Drone."

The setting is an appropriately desolate location with a bombed-out, graffiti-ridden building. Our protagonist is a woman on the run. Ammo is in short supply, an issue we're all familiar with from watching countless zombie apocalypse shows.

An orange quadcopter and a couple of kids who look like extras from the Mad Max series play a big part in the storyline. Without giving things away, the drone gets a memorable moment of glory.

Drone-enthusiast group Game of Drones is behind the video. Previously, we watched in terror as a paintball-gun-wielding drone hunted down a person for a high-tech version of "The Most Dangerous Game." Personally, I would much rather face a paintball drone than a zombie.

A brief warning before you watch the film: there's some blood flying about and a bit of screaming, as you might expect from a zombie flick.