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Zombie update: Invasion plagues the Inter-Webs

The undead come in many guises. Don't get caught unawares!

Zombie computer shopping Declan McCullagh

This just in: zombies overrun just about everywhere. Videos and other documentation of the brain-eating reanimated corpses are flooding the Web.

Once upon a time, the invasion was contained within the confines of Hollywood and, uh, Haiti. Now they've spread to other places. They're drinking Bloody Marys inManhattan, Toronto, and all over the civilized world.

Mobs of the recently undemised are involved in politics and technology in the Bay Area and practicing yoga in Brooklyn. Undead legions are staggering through Second Life, playing Halo 3, and getting recruited for innumerable other games.

You already know about another kind of zombie--compromised computers--in IT security, but you might not know that a "zombie" in the investing world is a company actively doing business in spite of bankruptcy. Of course, we've had this kind of zombie in Silicon Valley for years now.

Happy Day of the (un)Dead!