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Zombie Survival Kit features real tactical ax and a spork

Be prepared for the dead to rise again with a zombie kit containing a tomahawk, snacks, zombie crime scene tape, and a spork.

Zombie Survival Kit
Everything you need for when zombies attack. ThinkGeek

You have options when it comes to zombie-slaying weapons. Loud guns may attract unwanted zombie attention. Baseballs bats can require several swats to work. Chainsaws need gas. A tactical ax, however, is portable and effective.

ThinkGeek's Zombie Survival Kit features a stainless-steel SOG Tactical Tomahawk, suitable for close combat or hurling from a distance at the undead. Zombie crime scene tape helps you alert other survivors to danger zones.

Nosh on some Zombie Jerky and chase it with a Zombie Blast Energy Shot. Use your compact CRKT Eat'N Tool spork. Most importantly, the kit comes with a collapsible shot glass. This gives you the option to just drink away your zombie apocalypse sorrows.

Unlike the $24,000 zombie survival kit we dug up earlier in the year, the $79.99 ThinkGeek version is a better choice for budget-conscious zombie hunters. Plus, this kit has dissolving hand soap sheets for cleanup after you've mowed down a zombie mob with your tomahawk.