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Zombie chocolates: Share the love and braaaaains

Give your geek something special for Valentine's Day. Chocolate Zombie Head Bon Bons from ThinkGeek feature squicky red cherry brains that ooze with every bite.

Zombie candy and ammo
Shotgun ammo goes great with zombie bon bons. ThinkGeek

Geek love can be a challenge on Valentine's Day. Roses are too old-fashioned, and chocolates are dull--unless they happen to be ThinkGeek's zombie head chocolates.

The $9.99 Chocolate Zombie Head Bon Bons show your special geek that you love him for his tasty brains, not his muscular World of Warcraft avatar.

Each box holds six grimacing, growling dark chocolates filled with cherry cordial brains in a particularly startling shade of red.

Give a box to a loved one and make a romantic pact that whoever turns zombie first will quickly be put down by the other.

Take a bite and spread the sweet cranial matter all over in a show of your undying affection and devotion for each other.

Here's some free love guidance for the geek fellas. If your lady thinks these zombie chocolates are an awesome Valentine's gift, then she's a keeper.

ThinkGeek Zombie chocolates
The zombie apocalypse never tasted so sweet. ThinkGeek