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Zoho optimizes office suite for iPhone

The software's minimal for now, but Zoho stresses that more features will be available once they actually have an iPhone to work with.

Zoho, the suite of Web-based productivity tools that's often considered the most formidable challenger to Google Apps' domination in the field, has entered the iPhone app blitzkrieg. It just announced iZoho, a version of its software that's been optimized for the iPhone's touch-screen architecture. Currently, you can only view existing Zoho documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, as well as edit the Zoho Notebook documents.

You can check out iZoho's Web site from your PC and see the neat sliding interface whenever you click on anything. No, it won't rotate if you turn your computer sideways!

The third-party iPhone applications, as we've seen, haven't been rolling out nearly as quickly as, say, Facebook Platform apps or even Wii browser apps. That's understandable, though, because none of the developers have actually been able to use the iPhone yet (to our knowledge). In a quick statement, Zoho's management team said that more features will be on the way as soon as they actually have an iPhone to work with.