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Zoho now accepts Google and Yahoo logins

Online productivity suite has syncs up with two of the biggest names in Web 2.0 user accounts--even though Google operates rival Google Docs.

Online-productivity suite Zoho announced on Wednesday that it now accepts Google and Yahoo logins. An executive from Zoho parent company AdventNet announced last month that Google login compatibility was on the way.

"For Google and Yahoo users who are curious about Zoho but don't want to set up another account, we've removed that hurdle," Zoho 'evangelist' Raju Vegsna said in a release Wednesday. "Users don't have to create a Zoho account to use Zoho applications. We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to try our online apps."

In addition to accepting Google and Yahoo logins for new Zoho accounts, the site also allows existing members to synchronize with their Google or Yahoo accounts.

This required collaboration with both Google and Yahoo--interesting, because Google operates Google Docs, a bigger rival to Zoho. But it's just the latest data portability announcement to emerge in the past few months, what with Yahoo supporting the OpenID standard and teaming up with on its Data Availability project, as well as Google launching its Friend Connect initiative.