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'Zohan' tries to save the talkies with Bluetooth

'Voice tones' can be downloaded onto cell phones in theater lobbies for free.

If movie theaters are indeed facing extinction as some believe, Columbia Pictures and Regal Entertainment deserve credit for experimenting with free and readily available technology to help stave off the pending obsolescence.

To promote Adam Sandler's
You Don't Mess With Zohan, moviegoers will encounter a novel prop in the lobby: a hair stylist's chair that they can sit in and then download Zohan voice clips to their Bluetooth cell phones. Six "voice tones" will be available for free as part of a "proximity marketing" campaign coordinated through Blue Media, which will distribute them from its servers. "Fans can use their mobile phones to take fun pictures of themselves posing with Adam Sandler as The Zohan, and then walk away with voice tones that are soon to be classic one-liners," the studio says.

And what do the lines say? Though we're not sure of the exact wording, they "pay tribute to The Zohan's basic necessities of life: disco, silky smooth hair, and hummus."