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Zivity lays off a third of staff

Adult photo-judging start-up, which has landed $8 million in funding so far, says the layoffs are a direct result of uncertain economic times. Is this a sign of things to come?

Zivity, a start-up for adults that allows users to sign up and view and vote on suggestive photos, has laid off a third of its staff, according to TechCrunch.

The company claims that the layoffs are the direct result of uncertain economic times and its desire to stay financially stable, going forward. More than anything, Zivity told TechCrunch, its desire to fend off the need for venture funding was a key reason for its decision.

Zivity, which has landed $8 million in funding so far, is relatively unique in the space. Its service is admittedly designed for an adult audience, but unlike other services on the Web, which provide visitors with only content, Zivity gives its users the opportunity to vote on the quality of the photos and the skill of the photographer. Revenue is then shared with the photographers and models, based on the success of their photos.

Zivity did not say if it would change its revenue-sharing model, but it did indicate that layoffs were the first step in ensuring that its financial condition would stay sound.