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Mobile Accessories

Zippear is the simple earphone cable manager we need

This simple crowdfunded project doesn't cost a bomb and helps keep your wires from turning into a tangled mess.


The Zippear also comes with a keyring attachment.


Always finding your earphone cables in a knotted mess? Well, that's a problem that easily goes away with Israel-based Zippear's magnetic solution.

Using magnets to manage cables in general isn't new, but Zippear's nifty idea takes it further by having more magnets to easily arrange how the cable is looped. The result is a tangle-free solution, and I know, because I tried out a 3D-printed prototype.

Each Zippear kit comes with 10 little magnets that you clip onto the cable, and they line up perfectly with the cable looped. You can also shorten the cable using the magnets, which are pretty strong. There's also a clip-on that you can attach to a key ring to ferry your earphones around.

There's a small caveat though: It doesn't work with spiral (or braided), flat and double-corded cables.


The best part of this crowdfunded project has to be the price. The normal retail price is just $10, and there are early-bird packages for a set of three for just $24 or about £18 and AU$32 converted, without shipping.

You can head over to Zippear's Indiegogo page for more information.