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Zino cans not to be confused with malt liquor

CNET's Donald Bell offers his full review of the Zino headphones by Ultrasone.

Photo of the Ultrasone Zino headphones.
The Ultrasone Zino headphones have an unfortunate name, but a gorgeous sound. Ultrasone

Everyone from Dr. Dre to surfwear maker Roxy seems to be taking a turn at producing earbuds these days, but fewer and fewer companies seem to be making full-size portable headphones--or at least, nothing worth mentioning. Bucking the earbud trend is German manufacturer Ultrasone, which has just released a $99 pair of collapsible headphones named Zino.

Sure, the name conjures a collision between Zorro and Zima malt liquor, but the headphones themselves are dynamite. In typical Ultrasone style, the sound is remarkably open and natural, with oodles of high-frequency detail and a restrained, yet capable, low end, courtesy of Ultrasone's gold-plated 40 millimeter drivers.

But the Ultrasone Zino didn't grab a four-star rating on sound alone. To read all our praise (along with a few complaints), head on over to our full write-up at CNET Reviews.