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Zing your own salad dressing

The Zing Anything Salad Zinger is a salad gadget designed to make it easy to prep your own dressing. The removable base unscrews to unveil a special compartment.

Salad dressing gadget makes salad dressing your own.
Salad dressing gadget makes salad dressing your own. Zing Anything

Salad dressing, being the condiment that changes a bunch of lettuce and vegetables into an actual salad, has a pretty high importance in salad hierarchy. Of course, this is not surprising to anyone who has ever become lost in the condiment aisle at the supermarket. However, for all those bottles that line the shelves, all too often that massive selection does not lead to the one you want. Luckily, it is easy to make your own.

The Zing Anything Salad Zinger ($23.95) is a simple-to-use salad contraption that may end up rivaling the salad spinner for salad importance. Intuitive to use, the gadget allows salad fans to flavor their own oil and/or vinegar by infusing the mixture with custom ingredients. The base of the unit screws off to reveal a compartment for adding herbs, spices, or even other small veggies. The cruet features specialized blades that grind ingredients while it is reassembled. The result is a bunch of prepped flavorings that are held in place away from the pour spout by a mesh screen.

Adding herbs, garlic, ginger, and a bit of everything and anything else is a time-honored, salad-making tradition. Achieving the perfect blend of flavors can take a bit of trial and error, but as they say, the journey is the experience. If that journey happens to not involve a trip to the black hole that is the supermarket condiment aisle, it might be hard to disagree.