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Zimbra's founder and CEO leaves Yahoo

Yahoo just lost a key executive from its Zimbra acquisition.

Satish Dharmaraj, co-founder and CEO of open-source Zimbra, which sold for $350 million to Yahoo, is leaving Yahoo, as VentureBeat reports.

Though Zimbra president and CTO, Scott Dietzen, has been running day-to-day operations in Dharmaraj's place for some time, it's not a great time for Dharmaraj to leave Yahoo, as Boomtown suggests. Zimbra was always the sum of many important parts, but Dharmaraj helped to steer the company with very few visible flaws in execution. Yahoo needs that sort of leadership to rebuild its brand and expand its enterprise offerings from its Zimbra beachhead.

So, too bad for Yahoo, but I'm sure Dharmaraj will find his way to another successful startup. He's an exceptional entrepreneur. Perhaps it was hoping too much to expect him to stay at Yahoo or anywhere else for long.