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Zik by Starck: Not just a pair of pretty headphones

Onboard motion sensors can detect when you're not listening to music, so when the headphones are resting on your shoulders, the music stops playing.

Reuben Lee/CNET Asia

LAS VEGAS--It's easy to get caught up playing with the AR.Drone WiFi quadracopter at the Parrot booth here at CES and almost almost miss one of the smartest pairs of headphones around.

Most products by French designer Philippe Starck come with a simple yet elegant appeal, and the Parrot Zik by Starck headphones are no exception.

However, what captured our attention about the Zik is really all the underlying technology it incorporates. Besides supporting active noise-cancellation technology, it also sports a touch-sensitive panel for tasks such as volume control. The Zik can be connected to devices via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm analogue line-in. It even comes with compatible apps on iOS and Android smartphones.

Most interesting is its onboard motion sensors that can detect when you're not listening to music. So when the headphones are resting on your shoulders, the music stops playing and vice versa. According to a company representative at the pre-CES Digital Experience event, the headphones also support bone-conduction technology that promises clearer calls.

While there is no confirmation on when the Zik will make its debut, it has been slated for a launch within the year.

Zik headphones
Eric Mack/CNET

(Source: Crave Asia)