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Zeus 3D copier and printer does it all in one

The world of 3D scanning and printing is about to get simplified immensely with the Zeus, an all-in-one 3D machine.

Zeus printer/copier
Zeus takes its place in the pantheon of 3D printers. AIO Robotics

We're already used to 2D copiers and printers. Slip a piece of paper in, push a button, and a copy comes out. Now, that same sort of capability is coming to the 3D world with the AIO Robotics Zeus all-in-one 3D scanner, copier, and printer on Kickstarter.

The process is fairly simple. You place an object inside Zeus, the machine scans it, and then creates a copy. You can also load your own 3D files for printing.There is a one-touch automatic-copy button if you want the machine to just go to town. All of this is controlled through a friendly 7-inch touch-screen interface.

The $2,500 machine has a fax function, which may seem like a curious feature at first glance. It allows for the sending of a design from one Zeus printer to another. If you and a colleague, friend, or family member both have one of these, you can send a design to be printed out halfway around the globe if you choose.

AIO Robotics has put a lot of thought into the Zeus design, including features like auto-leveling, a swiping laser, and an aluminum turntable. A working prototype is up and running. The company is aiming to ship the final product in the summer of 2014.

Zeus has already galloped past its $100,000 funding goal on Kickstarter, showing just how much demand there is for a simpler way to get started with 3D printing.

Zeus scanning
Zeus scans an object. AIO Robotics