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Zephyr portable speakers boost your sound and power

Spar's new line of Bluetooth portable speakers not only blast your music but also double as a charger for your mobile device. Check out the entire family here.

Zephyr 550
The Zephyr 550 offers 28 hours of music playback. Spar

Music always livens up a day at the beach, barbecues, picnics, and other events, and nowadays it's easy to do with Bluetooth speakers and your mobile device. However, the good tunes only last as long as your phone's battery life.

A company called Spar is looking to extend the party with a trio of Bluetooth portable speakers that can also charge your smartphone, MP3 player, or tablet via USB. The smallest one of the group, the Zephyr 300, is compact enough to fit into a pocket and promises 12 hours of music playback. The mid-range Zephyr 500 offers 18 hours of music playback and comes in black or white. Meanwhile, the Zephyr 550 boasts 28 hours of battery life and is encased in aircraft-grade anodized aluminum.

You can connect your mobile device to the speakers using Bluetooth, and you can even conduct speakerphone calls through it. If you find your gadget to be running low on battery life, you can then tap into the speaker's battery power using the USB port in the back. All three Zephyr models ship with a soft carrying case, cables, and an AC adapter.

Spar certainly isn't the first company to offer such a solution. The Soundfreaq Sound Recharge is a similar product, but it's not quite as compact at the Zephyr line and CNET's digital audio and tablets editor Donald Bell wasn't too impressed with the sound.

Of course, Spar promises "clear, beautiful" sound and high-fidelity speakerphone quality, but we'll just have to wait to get one in for review to see if this is true.

The Zephyr speakers are available for preorder now, with the Zephyr 300 going for $99.99, the Zephyr 500 for $129.99, and the Zephyr 550 for $159.99. They're expected to ship in mid-December, with retail availability starting in early 2012.