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Zend gains cash sans CEO

Zend just raised $20 million--but the open-source start-up is also seeking a CEO.

Former CEO Doron Gerstel departed in April to become president of the North American division of Israel-based Syneron, 451 Group analyst Raven Zachary noted on his blog on Monday. Syneron, which CNET News.com recently covered, is quite a departure from open-source software. According to Syneron, it sells technology that uses "bipolar radio frequency and light" to remove body hair, reduce wrinkles, and treat superficial lesions, acne, leg veins and cellulite.

A Zend representative confirmed Gerstel's departure and said the company, which commercializes the widely used open-source PHP Web server software, should have a replacement soon.

"Hopefully we'll have some news shortly on the new CEO," the company representative said. "There's a strong candidate in play. We hope to say something in coming weeks."