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'Zelda: Twilight Princess' canned for GameCube?

Has the GameCube's Legend died?

Link won't die... right?

As soon as it was announced that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess would be a Wii launch title, the GameCube version, which started production back in early 2005, took a backseat. Now, it may not even finish the trip. Joystiq is reporting that major gaming retailers are not carrying what many believed would be the plucky li'l console's swan song (a similar rumor is making the rounds regarding the Japanese version, too). We here at Crave decided to conduct our own independent investigation--in other words, pester our local GameStop clerks--and found out that the title is still on track for a December release but that reserves are no longer being taken for the product. Wii Zelda reserves are still plentiful, but if you haven't secured yourself a launch-day Wii, might I suggest preordering a cart to put in front of that horse you ain't gonna get?

(Photo: Nintendo)