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Zeiss teases new lens mount

Zeiss is running an ad on its Web site that teases the announcement of a new mount to its line of SLR lenses.

Photo by Zeiss

Zeiss, maker of a line of high-quality, single focal length manual focus lenses for SLRs, is running an ad on its Web site teasing the announcement of a new lens mount to be announced September 15. They are currently available in Nikon mount (ZF), Pentax mount (ZK), and 42mm screw-mount(ZS). See the ad here.

Internet speculation really runs the gamut, from wishes for it to be for Olympus, to rumors of the rebirth of the Leica R system. There's also talk of it maybe being for the Sony Alpha mount, which is a serious possibility, given the companies' current relationship. There are many, including me, who would like to see it be for Canon EF, also a serious possibility considering Canon's market share. What do you think it is going to be?