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Zap to roll out 'Made for iPod' electric car

The electric auto maker will show off a model with an iPod system at Macworld.

iZap hard at work Zap

Having already capitalized on the green movement, electric car maker Zap is hitching its star to another unstoppable trend: the iPod. The company, which has made headlines in the last year for expanding its lines to include higher-end models such as sports cars and SUVs, reportedly plans to unveil a "Made for iPod" auto at next week's Macworld extravaganza in San Francisco.

The model will feature a head unit that will accommodate the music player and pipe its tunes directly through its speakers, according to iLounge, using its new "iZap" power system made specifically for the iPod. Zap says it will eventually include the technology in all its cars. Could a coupe named "Cupertino" be that far off?