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Yule dumpster fire heats up a crummy year's holidays

Warm your cockles by the flames of a Yule dumpster fire that thumbs its nose at the year-long downer that has been 2016.

As we move through the holiday season, heart-warming Yule-log videos rise in popularity on YouTube. But 2016, a year rife with fiery election rhetoric, celebrity deaths and general malaise, doesn't deserve a traditional Yule log fire with its festive connotations of peace, love, harmony and hot chocolate.

It needs a Yule dumpster fire instead.

Videographer Jennifer Ware posted a suitably downbeat video depicting a flaming dumpster in late November, but it's just now gaining traction across the internet thanks to recognition from sites like The Huffington Post.

"Similar to the many yule log Christmas fireplaces and crackling fireplaces of our childhood memories, this 2016 dumpster fire will keep your hopes and dreams burning bright," Ware writes. A DIY felt dumpster fire Christmas ornament inspired the 13-minute video.

So go ahead and celebrate the holidays with a scowl, a cup of lukewarm cocoa and a dour family gathering around a television screen playing the Yule dumpster fire. It's the only suitable way to send 2016 out the door.