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Yudu Freedom hosts your PDFs, makes them SEO friendly

Host your PDFs online with Yudu.

Yudu Freedom is a new entrant to the world of online document publishing. Like Scribd, it lets you take PDF files from your hard drive and host them online for free. The files can be viewed a little faster than with Adobe's Acrobat reader, and it runs entirely in Flash with that neat page turning effect you might have seen in other document hosting services such as Issuu and Idio.

Yudu promises that any document you upload will be search engine optimized, making it show up in Google, and so on. There's also a built in search tool, and a simple way to skip ahead to the page you're looking for using a thumbnail viewer. My favorite feature, however, is that you don't need to sign up to use the service. You can simply dump the files and leave your e-mail address and it will send you a link when it's done processing. In my test, it processed my six page PDF and sent me the link in less than a minute.

What Yudu is seriously lacking is support for other document formats and the capability to embed PDFs on third party sites. In comparison, Scribd lets you upload nearly any kind of file on it, then share it anywhere with its iPaper service which launched in February. Between the two I'd rather use Scribd simply because of this.

Yudu Freedom PDF viewer
Yudu's document viewer is simple and fast, although you can't embed it on third party sites like you can with competitors. To view it in action simply click on the image above. CNET Networks