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YouView is official name for Web TV coalition Project Canvas

YouView has been confirmed as the official name for Project Canvas, the BBC-backed broadband telly coalition.

Project Canvas has a new name: YouView. YouView is a coalition including the five main TV channels and Internet service providers to create a standard platform for TV delivered through your broadband pipes.

Sadly, you'll need new hardware -- another set-top box. But YouView will allow you to watch Freeview, catch-up TV and on-demand, as well as use apps and pause, rewind and record live TV with a personal video recorder -- all in one box. It's possible that ISPs will provide YouView boxes as part of broadband packages.

Project Canvas is a joint effort between the BBC, ITV, BT, Channel 4, TalkTalk, Arqiva and Five, unless Five has dropped out again in the last ten minutes.

Canvas sounds great, but not everybody's happy. Virgin Media and Sky have complained that it's anti-competitive. They're worried the technology isn't as open as it's cracked up to be, and they could be relegated to the outer regions of the programme guide if they do get involved. Virgin has pointed out to Ofcom that the BBC Trust is only overseeing Auntie Beeb's involvement, and that the whole thing needs more public scrutiny.

Dates are yet to be confirmed, but YouView should hit living rooms in the first half of 2011. Take a gander at for updates.