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YouView and live Premier League games coming to Plusnet

Plusnet is kicking off BT Sport's live Premier League games next month, with YouView to follow.

BT Sport and YouView are coming to Plusnet. The Internet service provider kicks off BT Sport's live Premier League games next month, with YouView to follow.

Plusnet is holding trials over the next few months of YouView, the online-connected set-top box that puts catch-up and on-demand viewing into your telly alongside your regular channels. YouView is currently given away free by rival ISPs BT and TalkTalk.

BT's sporting action, including 38 live Premier League and Aviva Premiership Rugby matches, will be available to Plusnet customers with Sky TV from 5 November. Online access will follow next year in case you don't have Sky.

For now you'll watch BT Sport through your Sky box, so you need a Sky satellite receiver box and viewing card. BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN cost £5.99 all in per month, or £7.49 per month if you want to watch your footie in crisp high definition.

To sign up, log in to your online account or complete a form at after 5 November -- that's a week on Tuesday.

Once you're signed up you're just in time to check out Tottenham v Manchester United on 1 December, Manchester City v Arsenal on 14 December, and two games on both Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

More than half a million people signed up to BT Sport in the first few weeks. BT Sport channels -- which show 38 live Premier League games each season, one each weekend -- are free to people signing up to BT broadband. In retaliation, Sky is offering the reverse deal, handing out free broadband to Sky Sports customers.

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