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You've never seen Super Mario Bros. played this fast

A gamer who goes by the alias "Blubber" set a world record for playing the entire Super Mario Bros. game in under 5 minutes.

Got five minutes to spare? You could switch the laundry, make yourself a sandwich, or play through the entire legendary 1985 classic Super Mario Bros. video game.

A gamer who goes by the alias "Blubber" just set the world record by finishing the classic Nintendo game in just 4 minutes 57.69 seconds, besting the previous speedrun record by four-tenths of a second. As you'd expect for an official world record holder, Blubber achieved his score without the use of cheat codes, mods or tricks, though he did take advantage of the many warps and glitches that are either built into the game or occur without player alteration.

Those looking to replicate or perhaps best Blubbers time should start studying now. After watching the video, we can only imagine the amount of skill needed to time every jump perfectly and know where all the enemies on the screen will be at any given time. It's not easy to be a speedrunner, but if you're as good as Blubber, you might just own a world record for a while.

(Via Kotaku)