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You've got too much mail! Can AOL save us from email burnout? (Well...)

AOL's Alto app tries to cure our email troubles. Meanwhile, Samsung is dealing with bigger problems: exploding washing machines.

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The dream of inbox zero is dead. But is there any hope for getting control of our email when we have multiple accounts for different purposes? AOL thinks its new app Alto can tame the email beast. In the CNET Update video above, I take a beta version of the app for a spin. The concept is sharp, but I found the filtering system needs more smarts.

While AOL tries to crack the riddle of email, Samsung is dealing with bigger problems -- exploding washing machines. (Yes, really.) A defective rod is causing some machines to break apart under the strain of bulky items. Check out the video below to learn more. The headaches continue for Samsung as reports of exploding Note 7 phones continue to crop up, even as it gets safe batteries into more than 1 million phones:

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You've got too much email! And watch out for exploding washing machines