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YouTube's iOS app now offers built-in editing tools

The latest version of the app lets you fine-tune your videos before you upload them, though you may still need a third-party app to do more advanced editing.

You can trim, filter and add music to your videos via the app. YouTube

Google has updated its YouTube iOS app for people who create videos as well as those who watch them.

Released on Monday in the App Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, YouTube version 10.38 includes a basic set of in-app editing tools.

You can trim the video to cut it into slices or limit it to a certain length. You can apply filters to automatically give it a different look, such as a documentary style or a sepia tone. And you can jazz up your video with background music provided by YouTube or uploaded from your iOS device.

As more people use mobile devices for everyday tasks, including creating content, Google has gradually been turning its mobile YouTube app into a one-stop shop. Instead of having to run YouTube on your PC, you can shoot a video on your iPhone or iPad, edit it and upload it one step after the other. The editing tools are fairly basic, however. So if you really need to spice up your video, you may still prefer to use a third-party editing app.

For the iOS world, such apps as Apple's iMovie, Pinnacle Studio, Magisto and Splice offer more features for video editing, according to blog site Digital Trends.

For those who just wish to watch videos on YouTube, the new version has received a minor facelift. The home page continues to display your recommended videos. Swiping to the left reveals your subscribed channels. And then swiping once more to the left brings up your account page, which is now easier to navigate.

As an alternative, you can simply tap one of the three icons at the top to bounce among your home page, subscriptions page and account page. Finally, a hamburger icon (the one with three dots) at the upper right of the screen quickly leads you to your YouTube settings, help screen and other features.