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YouTuber spots mouse cursor in "Street Fighter V" game trailer

Capcom posted a trailer announcing Ibuki's return to the Street Fighter series, but then she got Kanye'd by a rogue Microsoft mouse cursor.

Over the weekend, Capcom published a game trailer video confirming that Ibuki will be the next DLC fighter added to the Street Fighter 5 roster. The announcement is big news for fans of the kunoichi (Japanese for "female ninja"), but her return was unfortunately overshadowed by another secret character: a Windows mouse cursor hanging out right in the middle of the footage, visible at the 48-second mark in the video posted above.

YouTube commenter Rey Robinson spotted the error in jest, while others guess that the gameplay footage was captured from the PC version of the game and whoever recorded it forgot to get his or her mouse out of the shot. Either way, there's no question that the shape is the Windows icon -- it lingers in the video for a five full seconds.

As of writing this post, the trailer can still be viewed on YouTube. CNET has contacted Capcom to comment, and we'll update this post when we get a statement.