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YouTube video of Putin singing 'Creep' is beautiful and fake

Commentary: This is art of an exalted kind. Radiohead sung by a head of state.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

He does love a good sing-song.

Alexander Utkin/Getty Images

Politicians with authoritarian tendencies think of themselves as performers.

They move audiences to heights. They move hearts to hope.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, for example, not only bares his chest and performs great feats of fishing, he also woos with his singing voice.

Here, then, is a video of Putin singing Radiohead's "Creep." Posted a month ago, it's already amassed more than 446,000 views, with only 146 daring to express their disapproval.

He sings, modestly, of how he wishes he was "the special one." Sadly, that moniker was taken by coach of dreary, successful soccer teams, José Mourinho.

When Putin claims to be a creep and a weirdo, I fear at least one or two heads might be nodding along. With the music, you understand.

The Russian president's free-styling is, however, of the most artistic order. Somewhere between a cat whose paw is being stepped on by an elephant and a gourmand who has swallowed one quail too many.

Sadly, the whole thing isn't quite real. The footage has been purloined from Putin's stunning performance of "Blueberry Hill" in 2010 (whole video below).

The Kremlin Official account that posted the "Creep" video isn't official either, or remotely pro-Kremlin. Just look at its Instagram offerings.

As art, however, the video is moving. Some might be wondering if the next video will feature Putin performing Alice Cooper's great hit "Elected."