YouTube: The most popular superhero is...

In a fun top 10 list, the biggest video Web site in the world declares the most popular superhero -- the results may surprise you.

Who's No. 1? Seth Rosenblatt/CNET

Magic mirror on the wall, who's the most popular superhero of them all? YouTube has an answer.

A YouTube statistical analysis reveals that Batman is the most popular superhero based on total video views and amount of content. The Dark Knight has accumulated over 3 billion views across 71,000 hours of YouTube video. It's safe to say that nearly everyone knows your true identity, Bruce.

Continuing the top 10, Thor came in a somewhat distant second, with 2.1 billion views on 66,000 hours of video. Going down the line, at third place is Superman with 1.7 billion views on 14,000 hours of video. Following suit, Iron Man logged 1.4 billion views on 20,000 hours of video, while The Avengers blew up a billion views across 31,000 hours of content. Wolverine, Spider Man, Captain America, Justice League, and Deadpool round out the list.

Of course, if we're honest, it's feasible to assume that a superhero's popularity can artificially spike above the norm based on movie and video game releases.

All things considered, superheroes bring in a tremendous amount of eyeballs to YouTube. These top 10 protectors of peace and justice helped the site amass more than 10 billion views through 234,000 hours (26 years!) of content. To commemorate their collective accomplishment, YouTube put together a fun highlight reel with videos featuring the top 10.

In related news, the YouTube blog also shared that Batman has ruled the overall superhero-related Google searches several times since 2008, but Thor, Superman, Iron Man, and The Avengers have caught up with him.

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