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YouTube says RNC and DNC watched by more than 9 million viewers

The Republican and Democratic national conventions each had more than 4.5 million viewers.

If the number of people watching the Republican and Democratic national conventions on YouTube can shed any insight, this could be a close presidential race.

The Young Turks were among the shows live-streaming on YouTube during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Terry Collins/CNET

More than 9 million people saw YouTube's live stream of the conventions, the Google-owned site said Friday. YouTube staples The Young Turks and Complex magazine each had live broadcasts on their channels originating from Google's spaces on media row in both Cleveland and Philadelphia.

Viewership for each convention was practically equal. Here's a quick breakdown:

* The Democratic National Convention, which concluded Thursday, had 4.6 million viewers. Last week's Republican convention had 4.5 million viewers.

* The DNC reached a peak daily audience of 250,000 viewers during Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech Thursday night. The RNC peaked when 217,000 viewers caught GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's acceptance speech on the preceding Thursday.

* Viewers watched the live streams for an average of 25 minutes.