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YouTube quitter offered job by Queen Latifah

In an interview on Queen Latifah's talk show, Marina Shifrin is offered a rather good job by the Queen. Friday, it might be revealed whether she accepts.

It's not a talk show appearance -- it's a job interview. The Queen Latifah Show/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

"Sometimes I think you need to forcefully close one door, in order for the other one to open a little easier."

These are the words of Ludwig Wittgenstein, in a speech to a philosophical symposium in 1932.

Wait, no. They're actually the words of Marina Shifrin, the world-famous YouTube quitter, in conversation with Queen Latifah.

Unless you have been paralyzed by a government stoppage, you'll know that Shifrin became terribly famous by posting a quitting video on YouTubewhich delighted millions.

On Wednesday, she appeared on Queen Latifah's talk show. She explained that she was really not a dancer at all, but a stand-up comedian.

Suddenly, with a spontaneity that will surely echo around the world, the Queen said: "I like to be surrounded by cool, creative, interesting people."

This would, of course, explain her appearance alongside Charlie Sheen and Pamela Anderson in "Scary Movie 3."

The Queen continued, with a mischievous grin: "What if I created something called Digital Content Producer?

Naturally, Shifrin assumed she was joking.

"I am a boss," the Queen continued. "And bosses can hire."

To the cheers of the audience, Shifrin explained, that yes, sure, of course she'd be interested in such a regal position.

However, we have no definitive answer. According to her Twitter feed, Shifrin appeared Friday on the "Today Show." Might they offer her a seat next to Matt Lauer?

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Shifrin, a graduate of the University of Missouri Journalism School, declares that journalism, to her, is now dead. (Her Taiwanese employer was a news animation company.)

Even being a stripper is better, she said.

But television? Ah, that's very different, isn't it?

So will Shifrin take up the Queen's offer? All might be revealed Friday.

She is clearly feeling considerable pressure, however. Her last tweet read: "A man sitting next to me apologized for his 'size 15ft feet' and I just blurted out my bra size. I need to stop talking to humans for a bit."