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YouTube Premium 1080p downloads are Android- and iOS-bound

Google has begun to roll out the feature in some places, with more on the way.

Moar pixels for your video-viewing pleasure.

blahmoomoo/Android Police

You'll soon be able to step up your offline mobile viewing on YouTube Premium from 720p HD to real HD. Google confirmed to us on Friday that it's started to roll it out the ability to download 1080p video for offline viewing to Android and iOS users "in most Premium markets with more to come soon."  

Android Police noted back in February that the feature was lurking in the Android developer's kit. The site followed up today with the news that the option to download 1080p video for offline viewing had started to appear in the app on some peoples' phones. (We're still refreshing our apps madly.) 

The company has been adding new features to its ad-free subscription service, most recently an experimental Super Chat pay-to-pin-your-comments function. It also expanded YouTube music streaming on Google Home to its free tier.