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YouTube live-streaming goes 4K

Google's massive video site adds the high-definition video format as it battles Facebook over who'll rule live-streaming.

YouTube added support for high-definition 4K video in live streams.


YouTube launched support for for 4K live-streaming Wednesday.

Google's massive video site said the new format would let creators and partners stream "incredibly high-resolution video" and give viewers the option of watching a clearer picture if viewing a live stream on 4K-enabled device.

4K is a measurement of video resolution. It multiplies the number of pixels compared with traditional "high-definition" images. Often, however, CNET reviewers fail to notice much difference in picture quality.

Users will be able to experience the technology first-hand on Thursday, during the Game Awards at 6 p.m. ET / 3 p.m. PT. The entire show will be live streamed in 4K.