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YouTube Leanback launches on Google TV

YouTube's made-for-TV viewing experience has made its way to Google TV. It will be available on the Logitech Revue, which is set for release before month's end.

A view of YouTube Leanback.
A view of YouTube Leanback. YouTube

YouTube's made-for-television viewing experience has fittingly found its way to Google TV.

YouTube Leanback, which was announced over the summer, will be available on all Google TV products starting this week. The launch of Leanback, which automatically plays YouTube videos in full screen at the highest available quality, coincides with the imminent release of the Logitech Revue set-top box, one of the first products that integrates Google TV.

When a Google TV viewer clicks on the YouTube icon, a video that is similar to clips in the person's YouTube viewing history will start playing immediately in full screen and, if available, in HD. People can also surf through content via a keyboard's arrow keys and can use a search function to look for specific content.

YouTube's Leanback boasts 10 channels ranging from science and technology to entertainment, news, and how-to. Content across those channels is updated daily. People can also rent TV shows and movies through the service.

YouTube didn't say whether Leanback would be coming to set-top boxes of rival platforms such as Apple TV. YouTube did not immediately respond to request for comment.