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YouTube Kids launches 'Summer of Movies' to help keep your little ones entertained

Over 100 kid-friendly movies and specials are coming to YouTube Kids.

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YouTube Kids' Summer of Movies collection will run for the next five weeks through August 31.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

YouTube Kids, the child-focused version of Google's massive video site, plans to add over a hundred movies and specials this summer. YouTube Kids launched "Summer of Movies" on Monday with the aim of keeping your little ones entertained with its child-friendly content. 

YouTube Kids said its summer collection will include content from cartoon characters like Pocoyo, Oggy, Franklin the turtle, Winx Club and more. The collection is also said to feature educational videos, animated short films and content from Disney, Nickelodeon, BBC Studios and The Wiggles, among others. 

The kid-friendly video service said its Summer of Movies collection will run for the next five weeks, through Aug. 31. The collection can be viewed on the Youtube Kids app on iOS and Android along with the YouTube Kids website. YouTube Kids is also launching a similar child-friendly collection in AU, called "After School"

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